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Meet the Trustees

Gavin Parry

Gavin Parry

Gavin was born in Islington, London in 1969. His mother decided to give him up for adoption and he was adopted by a loving couple in Hackney, London.

His early years were quite normal until he smoked drugs in the school playground aged 13. He smoked it, turned green and smoked some more. He walked straight out of school and never went back.

His life from that point spiraled and he was unable to control his drug use. For the next 22 years of his life he used every day unless he was locked away in a jail or institution.

Finally in 2004 he surrendered, hitting bottom while using in Weston-Super-Mare and has been totally abstinent from alcohol and drugs ever since. He was working through the 12-step programme and his life greatly improved, but he always had the feeling that something was missing.


In 2008 he attended a 12-step retreat that was led by followers of Christ. This was the first time he had spent any time around Christians in recovery. He couldn't work out what was different about them. They told him that Jesus loved him and that he was forgiven. He was prayed over and was filled with the Holy Spirit. He fell to the floor and was unable to speak coherently. He spoke the salvation prayer at the end of the retreat and was told to go to church and read the bible every day.

He would like to say that he did this but that would be untrue. It was a few years later that he learned he was saved to serve, not saved to sit. In 2011 he started attending St Pauls Church in Weston-Super-Mare and was baptised there a few months later. He was adopted again into a family with full inheritance. 


Believers In Recovery started in 2015 and he finally understood what it meant to be saved to serve. 

Aaron Carrington

Aaron Carrington attended Sylvia Young Theatre School as a child. He was a child actor and after leaving school he also travelled across the world producing music.

Being in this environment introduced him to various drugs where his  life took a dramatic turn for the worse.
Aaron  transitioned  from having a bright future to a life of drugs and addiction. He made many attempts  to slow down but was unable to completely stop. His addiction progressed, he became a shadow of his former self and he began to live a life without hope.

In 2006 Aaron eventually went into rehab but didn't manage to stay clean for any length of time. Friends and family eventually had no choice but to distance themselves from him for their own protection. Promises were always broken when he relapsed, resorting back to criminal behaviour to feed his drug addiction.

In 2008 Aaron re-entered another treatment centre and it was here that he was introduced to the 12 step programme. After completing the 12 steps, Aaron gained a new lease of life which reunited  him with his family and the mother of his children, whom he later married.

Externally life looked better but internally Aaron still felt that something was incomplete, so he started going to Bible studies while still attending the 12-step recovery programme.

 Even though the Lord was calling, he was unable to completely surrender his life to Jesus Christ, and as a result he continued to struggle internally. Aaron attended church services regularly and it was here, during worship that the Holy Spirit broke through his resistance and through this divine interruption Aaron's life has never been the same.

As well as still attending 12 step recovery meetings  Aaron is now actively involved in discipleship, he  serves at his local church in Turkey and has become a Trustee and Leader in Believers in Recovery.

Aaron gives all glory to the father for waking him up and drawing him into an intimate relationship with his son The Lord Jesus Christ who has the POWER to save and set free.

Kirsty Day

Kirsty was born in Preston, Lancashire.

She was in the care system from birth, and was placed into multiple foster placements in her early years and adolescence.


She fell into drug addiction during her teenage years and was lost for the next decade.


At age 28 she came into recovery through a 12 step programme and began a journey that 7 years later would lead her to Christ.


Kirsty had no intention of becoming a follower of Christ, yet the relentless pursuit of the Lord’s love resulted in a Grace that could not be resisted.


Kirsty attended an event at a local church named “Our Father” and realised that she had placed the qualities of her earthly father on her understanding of God. Absent, distant, unavailable, unreachable were words she would have used to describe God prior to that day. 

Then she encountered Him.


The process of sanctification began that day, and over the course of the next few years, every single piece of trauma from her childhood and addiction God used to minister to other women.


Kirsty was in a relationship with Ian for 9 years and God’s word prompted them both to abide in Him in all areas of their lives, including His design for marriage. They were married in 2019. Kirsty is step mother to Mollie. 


Kirsty is saved, set free and sanctified! She has been transformed by the renewing of her mind and the word of her testimony. In 2020 she began leading Believers In Recovery Women's Ministry and she became a Trustee in 2023.

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